jordy_girl (jordy_girl) wrote in gamedogz,

Pit Bull Bailey!

I went to PetCo yesterday and got Bailey a Image hosted by (it was really from her Papa J) yeah she Image hosted by like it at first, but she's gotten use to's a bit big, but she'll grow into it! And I've also got her on a chain collar (aka "Choker chain"- but I HATE that term!) now so she'll be more obedient..I'm getting tired of the pulling...and she also has a HOT pink leash...I mean HOT's great....

This past weekend my boyfriend Rob ( ourdogcartman) and I went to Havana (Florida) to the Pumpkin bust.... Image hosted by wasn't too thrilled about having her picture taken in front of these "giant ball things" but she sure did love pulling my arm almost out of it's socket....

And here's another picture of Bailey from after the adoption of Cartman....we decided to take her to Tom Brown Park...yep....Bailey LOVES Image hosted by It was lovely having to rinse her off and then air dry for a few before getting in my car and driving home....*sigh* But at least she had fun!
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