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Dogs With a Heart of Gold

And a No-Bull Attitude

The Best bullies this side of the net!
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Who We Are//

GameDogz is dedicated to the dogs with a heart of gold, the bully breeds. Including, but not limited too, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, (mini)Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs, various Bulldogs(Olde English, Victorian, Boston, etc.), and mixes of them all. We believe in providing a positive image of bullies and their owners; if you've come here looking for negative press and stereo-typing, your in the wrong place. However, if you've come here looking for a place to chat and share stories about your bully, your in the right place. We do not discriminate against dogs, every breed is welcome here. From the gamest Pit Bull to the mellowest Golden. Eventually, I would like to have weekly photo contests, polls, adopt-a-thons, and more :)


-We are an Anti Fighting community. We can appriciate a bully's gamness without cruelty. Any posts glorifying or advertising dog fighting will be deleated.

-We do not, under any circumstances, support Breed Specific Legislation(Banning paticular breeds of dogs).

-Please try to keep posts on topic.

-Feel free to posts pictures of your dogs, bully or not. We will have weekly photo themes, just for fun.

-Do not advertise breeders. We do not mind if you mention where your dog came from; However, use common sense. Don't post a full page add.

-Feel welcome to post bully breed rescues and/or dogs that need forever homes.

-Please keep articles on 'Pit Bull' attacks to a minimum. You can post them sparesly, but don't over do it. We realize that, in the wrong hands, bullies can become killers.

-All positive press(On any 'bad rap' dog) is welcome.

-No trolling, insulting, or threatening of members. This will NOT be tolerated.

-Don't be a 'breedist'(A person who discriminates against a paticular dog simply because of it's breed. Examples:Pit Bulls are vicious, Rottweilers are wild, That breed can't be trusted

-Have Fun =)

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